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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: offers a new solution for those struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues to verify their Cigna insurance and see what benefits their health insurance plan offers. See  “Cigna Insurance Addiction Coverage Benefits”. 

With the ongoing pandemic, many people are struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. is committed to helping individuals and their loved ones get the help they need by providing an easy-to-use online platform that can verify Cigna insurance coverage. By entering a few simple details about their insurance plan, operators can quickly verify insurance coverage and provide users with a clear picture of what their Cigna health insurance plan offers in terms of substance abuse and mental health coverage.

Users can also find local rehab centers that accept their Cigna insurance plan, making it easier to find the right treatment options. “ understands how difficult it can be to navigate the complex world of insurance coverage,” said a spokesperson.

“Our platform aims to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for individuals and their loved ones to verify their insurance and get the treatment they need.”’s platform is free to use and is available 24/7. Users can simply visit the website and enter their insurance information to receive a detailed breakdown of their coverage. For more information about and how they can help those struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues, please visit their website or contact them directly.

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