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Even small differences in the availability of urban green and blue spaces may be associated with better mental and physical health in older adults, according to a Washington State University study.

The study’s findings showed that having just 10% more forest space in a person’s residential ZIP code was associated with reduced serious psychological distress, which covers mental health problems that require treatment and interfere with people’s social lives, work or school. Similarly, a 10% increase in green space, tree cover, water bodies or trail length lowered the chance that older people reported their general health as poor or fair.

Published in the journal Health & Place, the study is based on health survey data from more than 42,000 people aged 65 and older who lived in urban areas of Washington state between 2011 and 2019. In their analysis, the researchers related survey respondents’ general and mental health outcomes to different measures that quantified access to green and blue spaces, such as forests, parks, lakes and rivers, within their residential ZIP codes. Close to 2% of respondents showed signs of serious psychological distress and 19% reported having fair or poor general health.

In a recent study, the positive impact of urban green and blue spaces on the mental and physical health of older adults has been highlighted. The presence of nature, such as parks and water features, is linked to improved well-being among seniors.

At RehabNear.Me, we understand the crucial connection between the environment and mental health. The findings emphasize the importance of incorporating nature into the lives of older individuals. Our commitment to holistic well-being extends to personalized approaches that consider the unique needs of each person.

If you or a loved one is facing mental health challenges, contact RehabNear.Me at 855-339-1112. Let us guide you towards comprehensive care that embraces the therapeutic potential of nature.

Embrace the healing benefits of nature. Call RehabNear.Me at 855-339-1112 for tailored support on your journey to recovery.

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