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Undergoing drug addiction is no easy. But sometimes, what is more, difficult is seeking help in order to recover. Admitting that one is addicted is not easy and going through the process of recovery makes it more challenging. But it’s a good thing to know that help is available. UC Medical Center is now offering peer support in ER to those battling addiction.

For those battling addiction, getting help can be overwhelming, but a local medical center now employs a man who is in drug recovery who can understand where they are coming from. Since 1998, Natalie Frye said UC Medical Center’s Early Intervention Program has tested patients for HIV and hepatitis C, but it is evolving. “Within the past few years, we’ve started to see an increase with patients coming in for substance use disorder,” said Frye.

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These are patients that Daniel Ritchie can relate to. He battled a drug addiction for years but is now in recovery. Two decades after this program took off, Ritchie got an opportunity to volunteer in the UC Emergency Department.

“I see more than just a drug addict in someone or somebody who is an alcoholic suffering. I see myself suffering, and I see myself at those low moments in my life when I once, too, sat in a hospital bed here at University of Cincinnati Hospital,” said Ritchie.

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