Some of the best central nervous system (CNS) stimulants have medical uses that somewhat make up for the fact that they are also addictive. While they run the risk of causing dependence once abused, they still have a good purpose when used responsibly. Me...

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Who Invented Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine was first used during the World War II to keep soldiers awake. Kamikaze pilots, in fact, used high doses of the methamphetamine drugs right before their suicide missions. After WWII, injecting methamphetamine reached an epidemic level in J...

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Is Adderall A Methamphetamine?

We have heard of parents of patients with ADHD and ADD share about doctors prescribing Adderall to their young or adult children. The drug is used to stabilize the patients and minimize hyperactivity. While these people need Adderall for the treatment of ...

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How To Quit Methamphetamine?

Did you just make the decision to get treatment in a rehabilitation center? Congratulations! You may be asking yourself, what’s next? In this article, we shall review the rehab processes that you will be going through Methamphetamine, also known as ...

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How Methamphetamine Is Made?

Methamphetamine problems have appeared even in smaller towns more than all the other drugs. The problem is also getting worse in the smaller cities like Omaha, Las Vegas, Sacramento and Oklahoma City compared to bigger cities like Detroit or New York. Thi...

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Who Created Methamphetamine?

Crystal Meth, which is short for methamphetamine in its crystallized form (as opposed to being either in a powder or rock formation), has become a very popular drug both in the United States and around the world. This drug, which was used almost three tim...

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