How To Cook Crack Cocaine?

  Navigation: Take note that there is much uncertainty in the estimates of RAND as no one regularly scans a bar code each time a bag of coke is sold. The actual price that street-level consumers pay also varies with purity, location, and many other factors....
Crack cocaine traffickers-sentenced

Crack cocaine traffickers-sentenced

It is always a relief when people who deal drugs are caught and sentenced. This means hope for those who are addicted to drugs. At the same time, it saves those who could have been influenced to try drugs. At least, their future are spared and they can live a better...

What Does Cocaine Smell Like?

  Navigation: Crack is known as the cooked cocaine hydrochloride. Crack users often believe that snorting can get them high faster.   I‚Äôve had the chance of smelling cocaine as strong as 93%. It certainly has the smell that is characterized by what other...
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