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You may have known that cocktails are very easy to consume, coming in sweet flavors and pretty colors. However, do not let the beauty of the beverage fool you. Such drinks generally contain loads of alcohol and if you drink too much of it, you can soon have your head spinning and things can turn bad.

  • Men should not drink over 3-4 units of alcohol regularly every day.
  • Women should not drink over 2-3 units of alcohol regularly each day.
  • A unit of alcohol is equivalent to a 25 ml measure of spirits.

Here are 10 cocktails that are mixed with hardly any mixers but loads of high-proof alcohol. All of them are certain to wipe out even the hardest drinkers. From the Jungle Juice and Negroni to the Sazerac and Death In The Afternoon, learn about the top 10 most alcoholic drinks all over the world.


The smooth and fruity cocktail was previously served hot. This drink was created back in 1930 by the Hollywood restaurateur Donn Beach. The ingredients of the Zombie were heavily top secret.

The original recipe was later published in the book of drinks “Sippin’ Safari” revealing that the Zombie is made of 3 kinds of rum, falernum, lime juice, Pernod, Angostrura bitter, and grenadine. Together with the ingredients mentioned are the so-called “Don’s Mix,” which is a mix of grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup.

The Zombie is very potent that Don The Beachcomber limits drinkers to only 2 per individual. It contains 3 types of rum with 40% ABV, Pernod with 40% ABV, and Angostura bitters with 44.7% ABV.

Death In The Afternoon

The classic concoction of absinthe and champagne is truly a luxe cocktail and is the invention of Ernest Hemingway; hence, the other name Hemingway Champagne.

Death In The Afternoon is quite simple to make. The original recipe can be found in the 1935 cocktail book with Hemingway himself contributing to it. You need to pour a jigger absinthe into 1 glass of champagne and add in iced champagne to the mix until you attain its correct opalescent milkiness.

Hemingway recommends drinkers to drink 3-5 of it slowly. Death In The Afternoon is rare on menus but you can order them from a bartender. It contains champagne with 12% ABV and absinthe with 45% ABV.

Jungle Juice

The highly alcoholic drink is made with fresh fruits that need to be steeped overnight in a bottle filled with grain alcohol prior to being served like a punch to drinkers. The ingredients for this drink is inspired by Stephen Kittredge Cunningham’s “The Bartender’s Black Book.”

In order to decrease the alcoholic content of the Jungle Juice, you can add in some mixers like lemonade. According to connoisseurs, when the Jungle Juice is made with precision, it won’t taste like alcohol. However, it contains a liter of grain alcohol with 95% ABV.

Aunt Roberta

The drink is considered as one of the strongest cocktails all over the world because it is loaded with 100% full alcohol and no mixers. The recipe calls for a mix of absinthe, gin, vodka, blackberry liquor, and brandy that are mixed in equal parts with a very strong drink to pack a punch.

Folklore reveals that the Aunt Roberta was invented by a mixed-race daughter of one slave owner in the 1800s in Alabama. The girl whose name was Roberta was rumored to have fled from her abusive home and later turned to prostitution. Roberta then moved to the moonshine business and sold the drink to drinkers who wanted to drown out their sorrows.

Aunt Roberta contains gin with 40% ABV, vodka with 40% ABV, brandy with 40% ABV, blackberry liquor with 40% ABV, and absinthe with 45% ABV.


There are several ways you can make Sazerac, but the best recipe is written in “The Bartender’s Black Book.” This recipe calls for 2-4 ounces of the Peychaud’s Bitters, 2 ounces of rye whiskey, and a cube of sugar.

What elevates this drink is a coating of absinthe on the insides of a chilled glass, adding extra potency to it. The higher the ABV of the whiskey used, the more lethal this concoction becomes. Sazerac contains rye whiskey with 80% ABV.


The typical after-dinner drink calls for a double shot of vodka mixed with espresso powder, sugar, and lemon. To drink the Russian Nicolashka, first place some lemon in your mouth then sugar, coffee, and finally a shot of vodka. The Russians keep the mixture in their mouth and slowly chew on it before swallowing and then following up with a second shot of vodka quickly after.

The Nicolashka appears to be a rather simple drink. However, it is very strong with drinkers claiming that sustaining the alcohol in your mouth can make your body absorb it faster. In fact, it was previously revealed to get quickly into your blood stream.

While the booze itself is known to slow down circulation, the caffeine from coffee and the vitamin C from lemon along with sugar increases blood circulation, allowing alcohol to reach your brain very quickly. Nicolashka contains vodka with 40% ABV and you need to take 2 shots of it.

Caribou Lou

The cocktail is surprisingly a pleasant drink to the taste. It contains 151 rum, Malibu, and pineapple juice. The Caribou Lou is not really the most alcoholic cocktail there is but it is very easy to drink. What makes it dangerous is that you can slug in a few drinks without even realizing it.

151 rum contains a high ABV which sneaks up on you when you mix it with pineapple juice. You can get drunk even before you know it. Caribou Lou contains Malibu with 35% ABV and 151 Rum with 75.5% ABV.

Bone Dry Martini

The drink is among the oldest cocktails in the world. The martini is made with either vodka or gin along with vermouth, which is a fortified wine with low ABV. If you remove the vermouth from this mix, it will be bone dry. It is among the most alcoholic cocktails you can have that is loaded with 100% ABV.

The cocktail is sometimes called Pass the Bottle. Bone Dry Martini contains gin with 40% ABV and vodka with 40% ABV.


The cocktail is a classic Italian drink concocted from gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. The Negroni is a mind-blowing cocktail, which can get your head spinning if you consume more than a glass.

The only non-alcoholic substance in this drink is the orange garnish which is added for a zesty zing to its bitter taste. Negroni contains vermouth with 15% ABV, Campari with 25% ABV and gin with 40% ABV.

Long Island Ice Tea

The sour mix and a helping of Cola make this college favorite a hidden danger. The Long Island Ice Tea is a mixture of 5 kinds of alcohol that is gin, tequila, rum, triple sec, and vodka. This very alcoholic drink is sweetened with soda and a sour mix made from an equal part of sugar syrup and lemon juice.

Long Island Ice Tea contains Triple sec with 40% ABV, rum with 40% ABV, Tequila with 40% ABV, vodka with 40% ABV, and gin with 40% ABV.


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