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Stages Of Alcoholism:  Spot These 3 Signs Instantly




You can’t become an addict in just one day; alcoholism as a disease is progressive. As such, the addiction can become a lot more destructive in time. However, it is difficult to say how fast a person can become an alcoholic as this typically varies per individual.

There are those that fall so deep into alcoholism before they decide to get any help. After seeking treatment, a lot of alcohol-dependent drinkers often look back and notice so many damaging things occurring because of their drinking.  

  • It has become a typical sight in the society to see people drinking alcohol regularly.
  • It is also considered as a rite of passage among teens and those in the early 20s to drink heavily, often leading to the lack of foreknowledge about how damaging the substance can truly be.
  • Our society actually simplifies becoming a heavy drinker without consideration that it would be a problem.

Heavy drinkers are defined by their ability to consume more than 3 alcoholic drinks a day

Even binge drinkers who consume over 7 alcoholic drinks a week for women and over 14 alcoholic drinks for men are also deemed as heavy drinkers. Heavy drinking has been noted as an alcohol abuse sig, especially when it results in any of the following:

  1. It has caused harm to the health of the drinker.
  2. It places the drinker in dangerous situations like trying risky sex, getting into fights, falls and DUI.
  3. It causes a negative impact on the drinker’s social and work relationships.

There are those that abuse alcohol but never really advance into the early stage of alcoholism. Then they begin to shift their priorities and alcohol no longer takes its place before the pursuit of a career, beginning a family, driving safely and getting respect from the community.

Alcohol abusers keep abusing alcohol until they reach a point of determining the 3 trademarks of an addiction

Tolerance is the person’s ability to drink tantamount amounts of alcohol with no physical consequences at the time to show for it. Bystanders cannot even tell if the drinker has become mentally impaired after a heavy drinking session. Actually, it would take a lot of drinks for a person who is in the early stage of alcoholism to become drunk. There are those who can even finish off cases of beer without fuss.

Cravings occur when a person’s life has already been consumed by alcohol. You may not be able to stop thinking of acquiring and drinking alcohol. Also, you may stop attending social functions where you know there is no alcohol available. Your thoughts will be filled with alcohol, which will begin to dominate your brain non-stop.

Withdrawal symptoms like feelings of anxiety and depression are expected to appear in the early stage of alcoholism, whenever they are not drinking. Hangovers, also, get to be more extreme and difficult for the drinker to recover from.

Usually, drinkers in the early stage of alcoholism are in denial of their drinking problem and even tell their loved ones that they could stop when they want to.

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