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It is very important for people to learn all they can about drugs. Doing so will not only encourage them to stay from it but at the same time, they know the dangers that they are going into. It is a must for them to learn the importance of being drug-free, as well as the ways available on how they can do. Especially for teens, they have a bright future and they should not let drugs take it away from them.

Teens learn the importance of being drug freeIt is a good thing that in St. Lucie County, teens learn the importance of being drug-free. Middle and high school students in St. Lucie County learned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol Thursday. A ‘farfromdruggen’ event was held in Fort Pierce. Using the hashtag “Not a lab rat,” teens were told to warn their peers about the harmful effects of popular products like Juul, the “E-cigarette device that looks like a flash drive.

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“You know Juuls… we don’t know what they do to our bodies so we need to be more cautious and more safe and think twice about what we are putting in our bodies,” Kiara Figueroa with Students Working Against Tobacco.

“We tend to focus on the opioid crisis and the end results but we want to get ahead of that. We want to talk to the youth on prevention and educate the youth on what’s out there before they get caught up in that cycle,” said Drug Free St. Lucie coordinator Kristy Conway.

Several other drug and alcohol-free organizations on the Treasure Coast were also at today’s event.

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