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Today, awareness is encouraged in almost all aspects of life. As there are so many things happening around us, discussion and awareness become very essential. Like for example when it comes to the issue of drugs. There are so many teens who take the risk of using it and a lot have been addicted to it. For parents, this is a dilemma that as much as possible, they would never want to experience. Thus, they try their best to have the best approach when talking to their kids about drugs. But, some of these approaches could actually backfire.

drugs can backfireWhen it comes to talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol, experts say taking the wrong approach can backfire. Research shows that, unfortunately, parents often mess this up. In an attempt to keep their kids off drugs, they usually exaggerate dangers or use scare tactics. Experts say that sometimes parents will ignore the first incident shrugging it off as ‘oh they’re just kids’ or they will take the ‘friend approach’.

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A mistake parents also make when catching a teen in the act is having that discussion when they are drunk or high and some will even grow angry turning the conversation into a heated argument.

Clay Hammac with Compact 2020 says that these are not the best approaches – in fact, the best way to handle this conversation is actually much easier.

“Just be honest with your teen about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. Try not to lean so much consequences on the criminal justice side but more so the health consequences that drugs and alcohol can have,” Hammac explains.

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