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Dealing with addiction is very difficult, more so for kids who got involved with it at a very early age. The number of people using drugs keeps on increasing around the world and this means that users come at all age brackets, including the youth. As soon as they get into drug use, everything could change for them. They can be affected physically, act differently, and even their priorities in life may change. These youths definitely need all the help they could get.

In Massachusetts, a growing number of schools are hiring treatment counselors to work with teachers and their students whose families are battling addiction. The counselors work at the schools but are employed by Gosnold, the largest provider of addiction services on the Cape.

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In October, Congress authorized $50 million a year for the next five years to fund mental health services to help school districts treat students who have experienced trauma due to the opioid epidemic.

And an increasing number of school districts across the country are starting not only to screen and treat at-risk kids for opioid addiction, but also access mental health counseling specifically for students whose families and communities are consumed by opioid abuse.

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