Recovering addict: Finding purpose is a key to living

We have heard so many stories about addiction and people who tried to get out of it. Although there are various ways to quit, very few of them can actually be considered effective. So, this leads us to question, what is really the best way to do it? It is very important to find an answer to this question as it would mean hope for many people out there who wants to start anew.

finding purposeAccording to Luke Tomsha, the founder and executive director of Perfectly Flawed Foundation, sense of purpose is what it really takes to prevent and overcome addiction. But of course, aside from finding this sense of purpose, seeking help from recovery centers will be so helpful to make the process faster and more effective. With this, it’s always possible to live a new and better life.

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A sense of purpose is important for both preventing and overcoming addiction.

That’s what Luke Tomsha, founder and executive director for the Perfectly Flawed Foundation, said at a gathering recently in the community room in Peru’s municipal building.

He spoke during Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development’s monthly IVAC Connect luncheon.

“I attribute my addiction to several things, but lack of purpose in career was a big one,” Tomsha said. “I hated I.T.”

Tomsha, an addict in recovery, said finding purpose is what informs the focus of his not-for-profit organization that attempts to help communities hurt by opioid addiction. It’s also the reasoning behind the community partner program that starts in September and offers up to $250 per year in a grant scholarship for activities such as yoga, music, art and more to children who have lost loved ones to addiction.

“Instead of ‘Just Say No,’ it’s giving kids something to say yes to,” Tomsha said. “The biggest thing right now is focusing on children and ending the cycle of addiction. We really want to give these kids a leg up.”

He said so far about a dozen community members have stepped up to give to the program, but more are welcome.

A call-to-action forum is also in the works.

It’s planned for 2-4:30 p.m. Sept.12 at a location to be announced.

“We’re involving people from Lake County, Illinois and representatives from Dixon, Ill.,” Tomsha said.

He said the goal of the event would be to try to jump-start some sort of coalition for La Salle County similar to Bureau County’s Community Partners Against Substance Abuse…


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