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Each drug-addicted person may have his or her own reason for doing drugs. Although for most of them, drugs are a big help, this does not lessen the fact that it will lead them to total destruction especially when they get addicted to it. One of the most popular reasons for people to use drugs is to relieve stress. This also means that a lot of professionals are actually turning to drugs just to help themselves get through a stressful situation.

A medical doctor addicted to drugs? As unlikely as it may sound, it does happen and one doctor here is now battling addiction – all because of job-related stress. It all started nine years ago when Dr Sasitharan Ayanai, 39, a medical graduate from Russia, was doing his housemanship at a government hospital in Johor Baru. Long work shifts – sometimes up to 48 hours without proper rest – led the Seremban-born doctor to experiment with methamphetamine to boost his energy levels.

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Dr Sasitharan, realising that he was addicted and desiring a fresh start, voluntarily checked into Rumah Pengasih six years ago.

“However, I left Rumah Pengasih in 2017 because my father was ill. When I came out, it was difficult for me to adjust and within six months – coupled with depression after suffering relatives’ insults – I relapsed.

“Two months ago, I returned here (Rumah Pengasih) because I realised I needed help and a support system. I am still undergoing treatment and observation to ensure I don’t relapse again,” he said.

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