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So many people out there dreams of being popular. But so many of them also get unlucky. On the other hand, those who were given the chance are like the chosen ones and the least that they could do the moment they get noticed and become popular is to take care of it and be the best at it. But the thing is, especially for people who are in the entertainment industry, the pressure can be too much to handle and this they resort to the use of drugs just to get by. Without them knowing, drug addiction can actually put everything into waste. All the years of hardwork and sacrifices will be futile as soon as you let yourself be taken over by drugs.

Just what happened with Prateik Babbar who was given so many chances and some of the best opportunities in life. However, he acknowledges that it’s because of drug addiction that his career is slowing down, although the actor is taking full responsibilities for his actions. Babbar is not the only experiencing or who has experienced this. So many others actually need help and intervention from rehab facilities. Others might still be in denial, thinking that they are doing just fine. But when it comes to drugs, one thing is for sure, nothing good comes out of it.

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After his promising debut in the 2008 film Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, Prateik Babbar featured in the critically acclaimed film Dhobi Ghaat. The actor starred in more films but he blames his addiction to drugs for his slow career and he takes full responsibility for his actions.

The son of actor-politician Raj Babbar and late actress Smita Patil has battled substance abuse. He was away from the big screen for three years and made an impressive comeback with Baaghi 2 in 2018.

Asked if he blames drug abuse for his slow career, Prateik told IANS here: “Yes, I take full responsibility for my actions and blame myself and unfortunate circumstances together.”..

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