Police Officer Adopts Baby Daughter Of Homeless Woman Battling Drug Addiction

As drug addiction can happen to anyone, this could also mean that anyone can be a victim of it. Also, it is not a first time to know that a woman is using drugs, or even addicted to it. In today’s time, anyone regardless of gender can choose to use drugs and this is such a sad reality. Worse is, there are those who have kids or are pregnant who did not think of the consequences of their actions. What only mattered to them is for them to be able to use drugs.

Drug Addiction-police adopts girlIn California, a police officer who responded to an emergency call of a homeless pregnant woman has adopted the woman’s daughter. This is a heart-warming event and it is a good thing that there are people like the policeman who are willing to extend help to those who need it the most. However, this only shows as well that indeed, the drug addiction problem is an existing problem and addicts should undergo rehab services in order to save themselves from the dangers of drugs.

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CBSNEWS — A California police officer who responded to an emergency call of a homeless pregnant woman has adopted her newborn daughter. Officer Jesse Whitten, with the Santa Rosa Police Department, could never have imagined the impact a chance meeting with 6-month-old Harlow’s mother would have on his life, CBS Francisco reports.

The woman was living on the streets, pregnant and battling a drug addiction. While on patrol, Whitten would encounter her from time to time and check up on her, and on one such meeting last year in August, his wife, Ashley, was alongside. The two women struck up a conversation about motherhood and its challenges.

“I mentioned, ‘Oh, you are pregnant,’ and she said, ‘Oh yeah,’ and placed my hand on her womb,” Ashley said.

At a Valentine’s Day party, the Whittens got a call that would change their lives. The birth mother specifically asked for Ashley and Jesse to adopt her child.

“It’s weird to live in the tension of joy and heartbreak like this story is,” Ashley said. “It’s wonderful at the same time.”

Harlow Masie Whitten has blended in nicely with her three new sisters.

“She smiles so beautifully,” said Jesse.

“Her smile is the best thing,” Ashley added…


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