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As there is no gender in terms of addiction, it can be observed that more and more women are getting into drugs in today’s time. It is not the first time to hear about of a mother who is a drug addict. When this happens, it’s not only the mother who is being put at risk but the children who could have lived their lives in a much better way. But the good thing here is when the mother is given the chance to start living a new life in spite of addiction.

A judge told a woman who pleaded guilty to breaching probation she owes it to her two children to deal with her drug addiction. All urine tests found the presence of controlled substances in Carrie Ellen Lawlor, resulting in the breach charge. Provincial Court Judge John Douglas told Lawlor he was giving her a break by not imposing jail time but placing her on 15 months of probation.

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“I’m giving you another chance,’’ he said.

“No one can do it (address drug addiction) for you. It’s up to you.’’

Douglas ordered Lawlor, who has an outstanding account receivable of more than $16,000, to pay a $100 victims of crime surcharge.

Douglas also told Lawlor, who works as a flagger, to perform community service work if she is not busy with employment.

Lawlor thanked the judge for his lenient sentence and told him she was trying to make positive changes.

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