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When it comes to drug addiction, considering how it has become serious of a problem, needs a long-term solution. In the past years, there have been some solutions to the problem, but the effects were short-lived. Today, still so many people get addicted to drugs and such addiction leads to different societal issues and problems that affect each one of us.

Oregon Works To Better Address Drug AddictionIn Oregon, the state Alcohol & Drug Policy Commission is working on a long-term strategic plan for dealing with addiction. And it is getting input and guidance from the coalition known as Oregon Recovers.

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Other parts of the country seem to get more attention, but Oregon ranks high in its drug addiction rate, and low in its access to treatment.

Mike Marshall of Oregon Recovers visits with details of the scope of the problem, and the status of efforts to address it. We also hear from reps from Medford-based Addictions Recovery Center.

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