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Drug addiction is an issue that should never be neglected. Everyone should be aware of its effects and consequences and how it affects the environment as a whole. The number of people getting addicted to the different kinds of drugs keeps on increasing each year. Politicians are even doing everything they can to address the problem.

Now that the election is approaching, more politicians are promising to tackle the issue. Just like Jay McMahon who has lost his son to drug addiction says that he will tackle the crisis in opioid effectively if ever he gets elected. As the deaths by opioid keep on increasing, more initiatives to end the problems is very important, aside from having a lot of addiction treatment centers around so people can easily seek help.

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McMahon has a three-pronged approach to battling the opioid crisis, he said: successful and effective rehabilitation; “dry up” the source of heroin and fentanyl; and extreme prosecution of drug traffickers. 

McMahon, speaking at a meeting yesterday with the Boston Herald Editorial Board, stressed that extreme prosecution wouldn’t apply to those struggling with addiction. 

“I’m not interested in incarcerating the opioid addict, I’m interested in giving them real rehabilitation,” he said. 

McMahon claims the opioid crisis has worsened since Attorney General Healey entered office

About 100 fewer people died in 2017 than in 2016, according to state records. 

In 2016, 2,154 people in Massachusetts died from an opioid overdose. 

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