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How To Pass A Drug Test For Opiates?




Has a practitioner prescribed you with opiates? Have you taken any over the counter drugs or food items that contain opiates? Regardless of whether it’s for medication or recreational purposes, you still need to learn how to pass a drug test, especially when you’ve ingested opiate.

Opiates can both act as a narcotic analgesics and a depressant in the central nervous system. The consumption often results in psychological and physical tolerance and dependence.

Opium, by the way, is the latex milky fluid in opium poppy seed pods that contain a number of varying alkaloids. However, only one of these families is capable of providing narcotic effects. Due to this innate nature, the addictive phenanthrene alkaloid family has become the subject of control of both the international and national laws. From this specific family came thebaine, codeine, and morphine.

No More Tricking This Time

As the world already has advanced technology, drug testing has become one of the focus in the detection process. The older methods that can trick the machine into helping you pass the test is no longer admissible. Technology constantly advances and the process of passing the examination has become impossible to trick. Following certain instruction, however, will greatly increase your probability of passing an opiate drug test. With the most reliable “how-to” information, your chance of achieving a negative mark is increased.

  • If you are required to pass a drug test in a short period of time, you need to know first and foremost that the classic ways of faking a test, like adding salt to your urine or not using your own urine are now easily detected.
  • Your only option is to prepare your system prior to the test, ending the use of opiate drug specifically.

Detox Drinks: Do They Really Work For Opiates?

If you are pretty sure that there is opiate in your system regardless of how minute it is, then you are advised to do some elimination methods, like going through detoxification. The opiate type of drug encompasses a wide range of prescription, recreational, and highly addictive medications. The opiates are also known as illegal drugs if taken in larger doses.

The maximum opiate intake is only 300mg or 300ml, generally in a normal human body. The milk of the poppy seed pod, which you should always remember, has a higher possibility of raising opiate levels in the body. This is the exact reason why the maximum levels of detected opiate during a drug testing has been raised up to 2000mg or 2000ml.

Most of the time, opiate drug tests extract samples of either your saliva or urine. Getting a hair strand is, however, favored by agencies because of its accuracy. Urine tests can reveal the toxic substances present, discover the reason behind drug overdose, and expose a person’s dependence on the substance. As effective as it can be, urine tests are commonly recommended in detecting the presence of some illegal drugs because it is the most convenient method.


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