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It’s always surprising to hear in the news that people, just for the sake of drugs, can be so creative just to smuggle some amount of it. Both mean and women, the young ones and even the old ones dare to take the risk just to have this substance with them when they travel somewhere, perhaps without the fear of getting caught.

Now, drug smuggling is even done by a nun. Yes, a nun is definitely someone we would never thought would be capable of doing. In Missouri, a nun has been charged after an alleged smuggling of cocaine in Australia. One reason why drug is still rampant is the fact that many of these smuggled drugs are not caught. This results to more people who get to use the substance. It’s no wonder why the number of people seeking help from drug addiction centers are rapidly increasing.

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Meredith) – A nun in Missouri has been charged after police say she was allegedly smuggling two pounds of cocaine into Australia.

According to Newsweek, 51-year-old Denise Marie Woodrum said she was doing it for her lover that she met online. The incident began in August 2017 when she was arrested at a Sydney, Australia, airport. She pleaded guilty in January 2018 to importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.

However, the story has come to light again because in early August 2018, Woodrum’s attorney, Rebecca Neil, told a judge that Woodrum was groomed and duped into transporting the drugs by her online lover, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.


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