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Addiction, specifically alcohol is a common problem in many countries across the world. It has been the root or many crimes and accidents leading to deaths of many people. Although alcohol is actually acceptable in the society, abuse of it becomes a serious problem. Aside from alcohol addiction, if there is another problem that needs attention in today’s time would be HIV.

But it’s a good thing that there is now a medication that is commonly used for the treatment of alcohol disorder but can also help suppress HIV among those who are at risk for relapse while receiving HIV treatment. With this medication, hopefully more lives will be saved. This medicine will be a great addition to the efforts of ending addiction, along with the availability of alcohol recovery programs.


A medication commonly prescribed to treat alcohol use disorder also appears to help maintain or improve suppression of HIV among individuals at risk for relapse receiving HIV antiretroviral treatment, Yale researchers said.

In a new study, a research team led by Dr. Sandra Springer conducted a placebo-controlled, randomized trial involving individuals incarcerated in Connecticut who had both HIV and alcohol use disorders.

Upon release, the 100 study participants were given either extended-release naltrexone — an FDA-approved drug that treats alcohol addiction — or a placebo. The researchers followed the individuals for six months from the time of release…

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