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Drug overdose is definitely one serious problem. Such can kill a person and destroy one’s future. As it affects people, society is affected as well. This problem has been so common in recent years as more drugs have been available and more people dare to abuse them. As a result, many families are affected and thus needing support. Good thing that there are non-profit organizations that are willing to extend help to these families.

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In Alabama, one local organization is striving to not only stop needless deaths by drug overdose but to also provide support to families impacted by addiction. “We realized that a lot of people don’t come forward and talk about it because of the shame and the stigma. And it just doesn’t only affect the person struggling with addiction, it has a whole ripple effect on family members and people who love them.

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“So we heard about an overdose one day and thought oh my goodness we can’t have one more, not one more. That’s where the name came from. So when we formed, we got a group of people together that we knew would be interested and we thought that we would be passing out casseroles and just working on a few people and it has just really… the demand for information and help has really just blown us away and completely humbled us.”

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