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Drug addiction is a serious and global problem. Year after year, countries try to their best to lessen the number of drugs addicts and drug-related cases. But it seems like it is only getting higher each year. In spite of having so many addiction treatment programs, there are still a lot of people who let themselves become addicted to drugs. In fact, in Singapore, the year 2018 has more numbers of drug users that have been arrested.

More new drug abusers arrested

More first-time drug abusers were arrested last year compared to 2017, with the majority arrested under 30 years old, said the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) in a press release on Monday (Feb 25). A total of 3,438 drug abusers were arrested in 2018, an 11 percent increase over the 3,091 arrested in 2017. New abusers continue to form a significant proportion – about 40 percent – of all abusers arrested.

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Of the 1,366 new drug abusers arrested in 2018, about two-thirds (64 per cent) were younger than 30.

There were also more repeat drug abusers arrested, with an increase to 2,072 last year from 1,842 in 2017 (12 per cent).

NB attributed the rise in the number of abusers arrested to an increase in the number of new psychoactive substances (NPS) and methamphetamine abusers.

“Notably, the production and trafficking of methamphetamine have increased to alarming levels, and the market for new psychoactive substances continues to evolve,” said CNB.

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