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What Is Methadone Clinic?




Of the many different kinds of drug treatment programs, it is methadone clinics that are becoming popular once more. Now, there are both public and private clinics that treat the abuse of methadone.

  • Public methadone clinics are funded by the government although you will most likely be placed on a waiting list.
  • Public methadone clinics are generally paid by taxpayers.
  • Usually, users who detox from opiates or similar addictive substances make use of methadone for stability during the detox process with the initial thought that they could eventually cease the use of the drug afterward.
  • In most cases, methadone addiction progress.

Methadone treatment programs have become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Once funds are passed from the government to the states, methadone clinics use it to expand quickly, competing with many other private clinics on the side. The implemented methadone treatment programs, when the clinics first started, were reportedly not researched well; hence, methods were not effective and there were no guarantees of success.

The idea was that the treatments would substitute the controlled form of methadone for any drug used. So basically, the programs only substituted a legal drug for another. For this reason, it has been called as the replacement drug therapy.

You will surely go through a physical withdrawal period.

It is a common scenario to see methadone clinic clients spend years of treatment in methadone treatment clinics; going back and forth between recreational opiate and methadone use. Apparently, this can only lead to a lifetime of treatment with no success at all.

As methadone clinics have been made for recovering drug addicts.

a widespread stigma also started; covering the facility with a number of myths, misconceptions, and rumors. The few people who experienced methadone were also those that spread the most rumors. While it is true that there are a few methadone clinics that are being run poorly and do not take to heart the best interests of their patients, there are facilities that are professional, clean, well-run, and supportive of their clients’ struggles.

Common myths about methadone clinics:

Myth: Methadone is worse than prescription drugs like opioids and heroin.

Fact: The truth is, methadone does not impair the body’s functions and could not be as bad as opioids including heroin. It is also regulated and is never cut along with other drugs. Unlike most opioids, methadone does not allow illicit, self-destructive, and secretive behaviors. It is almost impossible to overdose on methadone when it is taken as prescribed.

Myth: Methadone clinics often overcharge.

Fact: Public clinics are affordable although your name will be placed on a waiting list. It is true that private clinics cost more as they do not have wait lists. You get what you pay for- clean atmosphere and supportive staff from the service.

Myth: Methadone clinics are dirty, depressing, and unwelcoming places.

Fact: Majority of methadone clinics in the United States are operating under strict state and federal regulations. Although you may still come across a poorly run establishment just as you could find unwelcoming and dirty private dental clinics, hospitals, and medical specialist offices.

If you have been recommended to a methadone clinic that you are uncomfortable with, do not give up. Major metropolitan areas usually have 2 or more methadone clinics so you will always find a methadone clinic of your choice.

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