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Can You “Shoot Methadone”?

Methadone that is manufactured and sold in the United States is usually made to be taken orally. However, manufacturers have realized that oral drugs require a longer time to produce results and that it does not bring the exact kind of “burst of euphoria” intensity anticipated from it. If you directly inject methadone to get that intensity, serious complications may occur.

The stomach is an agitating acidic region. Anything that hits this acidic environment is dissolved quickly. Since the goal is to help methadone pass through the stomach, instead of being dissolved in the right in the throat or mouth, manufacturers have enclosed the medication in a bubble-like dynamic ingredient.

The added substance can include Glycerin, Food coloring, Flavoring, and Sorbitol. These chemicals do not simply dissolve and regardless of the amount you attempt to filter through the majority of these substances, some bits may still remain and they may work like little rockets eventually covering your heart or lungs and cause intense damages.

Injecting the substance can likewise harm your veins, but in a magnified intensity. You see, it can make them clogged and progress to internal bleeding.

Why Can’t I Stop?

If you use methadone because you were dependent on a sedative like heroin, you may develop dependency. Shooting drugs is more potent; hence has more tendency to result in dependency in no time; however, dependency is also possible in oral medications. For instance, Drug and Alcohol Review article found out that 47 percent of individuals who shot methadone did as such because they had a “needle obsession.” Heating up the illegal drug, strapping the vein and injecting the substance was a procedure they were fixated on. In the end, it could be tremendously difficult to overcome the addiction and medical assistance will then be the most important journey to take.

Infections Are Common

Needles are firmly controlled by the state and government, and subsequently, you may think that it is difficult to get perfect and sterile needles you can use for intravenous drug infusions. You may be forced to share needles with other individuals. Like the big ads through the years, sharing needles can transfer blood-borne contaminations like HIV/AIDS. Each time you share a needle with another person, you are increasing the risk of contamination, not to mention the possible overdose that can happen anytime.

Overdoses Can Occur

Medicines that are intended to be taken orally, frequently contain time-discharge properties. It means that individuals who are taking the medication will feel its impact over a predetermined amount of time. However, a minute dosage you drink orally without experiencing any untoward physical issues could easily cause an overdose when injected. Death could even result almost immediately after a methadone overdose.

An ideal approach to guarantee that none of these issues ever transpire is to get professional help for your dependence issue. Share your dependence problem with a trusted friend or family members. They can help you arrange for the right rehabilitation program to take.

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