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Methadone is generally known as the opioid that helps people recover from opioid addiction. If you are addicted to opiates, there’s a good chance that methadone will be prescribed to you.

But what exactly should you expect during the drug treatment process? How does methadone help? Here we will be talking about how methadone clinics work.

What is a Methadone Clinic?

What to Expect when you Seek TreatmentA methadone clinic is a drug treatment facility that mainly works with opioid-addicted individuals. They specialize in programs that make use of methadone as a core part of the treatment process. Keep in mind that methadone treatment is just one of the many ways of treating addiction.

Different facilities may have different approaches, so if you are interested in getting sober again, you should find out what programs the rehab facility offers. A methadone clinic, for example, is only suitable for people addicted to narcotics.

If you are addicted to an opiate or an opioid, a methadone clinic can provide ongoing medication maintenance to help you quit the drug.

What Happens During the Assessment?

The first step in getting methadone maintenance is an assessment. Anyone can receive an assessment for methadone maintenance in this type of clinic. Some people might get intimidated, but rest assured, methadone clinics foster a welcoming environment for those seeking medical assistance. Their goal is to help you recover.

During the assessment, you will have to provide some necessary details about yourself like your age, sex, date of birth, medical and psychiatric history, past and current drug use, and history of withdrawal symptoms. You also have to provide information about past or present thoughts of suicide, or suicide attempts.

The staff members have to know these details to ensure your safety during the treatment. Everyone goes through addiction differently, so expect addiction treatment to be personalized. A proper treatment plan will be created based on your needs.

It is important that you provide honest answers and tell them about other drugs you are using if any. If not, you could be placing yourself at risk of accidental overdose. Tell them if you are drinking alcohol, taking any prescription medications, or using other drugs recreationally.

How Does Treatment Work?

Methadone is an opioid that attaches to the same receptors that other opioids bind to. This means that it will lessen your risk of abusing your drug of choice because the brain no longer craves it. It feels “satisfied” with the presence of opioids. However, methadone is different because it does not create the usual euphoric sensation. It will not get you high.

Methadone is used in treatment because it allows you to slowly get off of the drug. It makes you less dependent on opioids. It is used in the process of medical detox which involves weaning the patient off of the drug while taking care of their withdrawal symptoms.

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A high-risk patient may have to stay in the facility for the duration of the treatment. This is called inpatient treatment, and it allows the medical staff to keep an eye on you and your progress. It gives you access to the medical attention and cares you need during the treatment.

Eventually, the patient transitions to outpatient treatment, which means they need to return to the clinic every day to receive the supervised daily dosage.

A low-risk patient may be set up with outpatient care right away. It involves minimal screening but regular visits to the hospital to make sure that progress is still being made.

If you or someone you care about is going through opioid addiction, look for a methadone clinic near you and find out if it’s suitable for them.

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