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A series of literature reviews published online December 13 in The Lancet Psychiatry journal highlight the large body of evidence on the role played by racism in mental health disparities experienced by Black people living in the United States.

Along with an essay from Black Americans that describes their lived experiences, the three new papers in the series include analysis of more than 50 years of literature on the effects of racism. The authors conclude that improving the mental well-being of Black Americans requires a community-centered and culturally informed approach that is inclusive, accessible and promotes empowerment and resilience in Black communities. The papers also highlight the urgent need for Black sociologists, anthropologists, scientists, physicians, clinicians, and citizens to be setting the priorities in mental health care based on lived experiences.

A comprehensive exploration of the impact of racism on mental health disparities among Black people in the United States reveals a sobering reality. The article delves into the intricate ways racism can affect mental well-being, emphasizing the urgent need to confront systemic issues contributing to mental health inequalities. From institutional biases to social prejudices, the study illuminates the multifaceted challenges faced by Black individuals, underlining the importance of acknowledging and dismantling these barriers.

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