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We have heard so many cases of parents trying to get the custody of their child. In this case, various factors are being considered. One of the reasons why the child will never be in the custody of one of the parents is when one of them is involved in drugs. Especially in the entertainment industry, this is a very common scenario. And just now, Mel B who is a former spice girls member is fighting for custody. But her former husband claims that the singer in an unfit mother. The singer is also ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol test.

Cases like this only show that drug can destroy relationships and even put the innocent ones in a big mess, especially the kids. As so many people are using drugs and alcohol, there should be more drug addiction treatment centers so these people, as soon as they realize the dangers of drug addiction, would be able to seek immediate help.

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Former Spice Girls star Mel B has been ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol tests in her ongoing custody battle with former husband Stephen Belafonte.

On Friday (31Aug18), a former childminder dropped a bombshell in her ongoing legal spat by claiming the singer-turned-TV personality was an unfit mother.

Russell Updegraff, who looked after Mel’s daughters Madison and Angel, insisted in court papers her children were at risk due to her drinking.

The Wannabe singer denied the accusations, but in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (04Sep18), Judge Mark Juhas said Brown will undergo drug and alcohol testing for four months as part of the joint custody agreement she has in place with her ex.

The agreement specifies that neither Brown nor Belafonte can take drugs or alcohol eight hours before they have custody of Madison, or during their time with the child.

The judge also ordered a “full-scale evaluation” of the joint custody arrangement.

Meanwhile, Belafonte is seeking temporary custody of the singer’s youngest two children after the pop star announced plans to head to rehab in the U.K. to seek help for newly-diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

She also confessed to using sex and alcohol to “numb” her pain, but realised she needed help after reaching a “crisis point”.

Belafonte seized on the announcement and headed to court on Friday to argue his case for taking care of their daughter, Madison, six, and 11-year-old Angel, Mel’s girl from her fling with comedian Eddie Murphy.

Updegraff’s declaration was part of the case presented by Belafonte’s lawyer.

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