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It’s a sad thing that when gets caught for doing something bad and that person has to pay for the consequences, the person does otherwise. This happens to those who are inside the jail for doing a crime but still, they keep on engaging on bad things. For one, many of them still manage to have access to drugs even when inside the prison. This happens because there are people outside who are delivering drugs to them.


This is what happened in Leavenworth County, only that the delivered man was caught while trying to do his business. Charles Newsome, a 56-year-old from Lansing, was sentenced on Friday after being convicted of one count of trafficking contraband into a correctional facility. The Leavenworth County Attorney’s Office filed charges after Newsome, who was working for a business that delivers items into the prison in April 2016, was found with almost 200 grams of marijuana and synthetic marijuana on his person when he entered the prison.

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Newsome was at the prison as part of his job and Lansing Correctional Facility was doing random checks when they discovered the illegal drugs.

At sentencing, the state asked for a 24-month prison sentence with the Department of Corrections. Newsome’s attorney argued for a departure to probation, because the presumption under the Kansas sentencing guidelines was to prison.

Newly retained Judge Michael Gibbens granted Newsome probation, with an underlying sentencing of 49 months.

Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson said, “Drugs, cell phones, or any other contraband causes a serious danger to not only staff members, but inmates, and potentially others outside of the facility. We fight hard to protect these people and prosecute these cases. We want to help in any way in preventing contraband getting in or remaining within the facility.”

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