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It seems like not a day will pass by without hearing news about drug addiction. It’s sad if it’s about people using it, those who dies because of it, and those that are committing crimes for it. On the other hand, it is such a relief to see that some people have been arrested or those who have took the courage to seek help for their addiction through drug recovery programs.

The article talks about a man carrying drugs but eventually handed it over to the police. Is this good news enough? The good thing about it is the fact that the drugs have been recovered. But, thinking about it, Millen is another man who let himself get trapped in drug addiction. Hopefully, more people will be arrested and many will take the courage to seek help and be drug-free for the rest of their lives.


When police said they were going to search a car after they noticed a strong smell of cannabis a 36-year-old man handed over a quantity of drugs to them.

Jonathan Millen, Coronation Gardens, Aghalee, was fined £300 last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for unlawful possession of herbal cannabis on March 5 this year.

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard police stopped a car at Main Street, Moira, and there was a strong smell of herbal cannabis coming from the vehicle.

When they said they were going to carry out a search Millen handed over a quantity of herbal cannabis which he said was for his own use.

Defence solicitor Siun Downey said her client had smoked cannabis before getting into the car and was very candid with police…

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