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In spite of all the reports on people getting caught smuggling drugs in the airport, why is it that still, so many do it? Are they without fear? Or do they think that when they caught they can always get away with it? It’s just saddening that such big amounts of drugs are supposed to be carried somewhere. When it reaches its destination, what happens next? Is it going to be sold? One thing seems to be certain with this kind of situation, though, that it will be destroying a lot of lives.

Just like with this man who tried to smuggled 26.6 kg of drugs in Dubai airport. In case he wasn’t caught, for sure, he will be doing something that can affect a lot of people. Issues like this should really be given the right attention to prevent the same thing from happening again. Most especially, to prevent the spread of addiction. Although there are recovery programs available, it is still so much better if we don’t ever involve ourselves with drugs.

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A man, who was caught at the Dubai airport with 26.6kg of drugs, was sentenced to 10 years in jail on Wednesday. According to the public prosecution records, the 33-year-old man arrived at Dubai International Airport from Nigeria on March 3 on a visit visa.

The airport customs inspectors found many boxes containing marijuana in his luggage. However, he denied having anything to do with them. He denied at the Court of First Instance charges of possession and smuggling of drugs with the intention to sell. He also denied a charge of taking drugs.

He was found guilty of the charges and ordered to pay a Dh100,000 fine. He was also ordered to be deported.

A customs inspector told the prosecutor he was on duty at the airport when he was assigned to search the traveler’s bag. “I was told by my colleagues it had something suspicious inside. The suspect was heading towards the exit gate when I stopped him.”

The inspector asked the convict what he was carrying with him, and the latter told him it was “just food”.

“However, as we opened it, we found 50 cardboard boxes. The defendant became tense and looked worried when we opened the first box and found there was marijuana inside,” the witness told the prosecutor…

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