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Most of us are thankful to have social media today. It has made our lives so much more exciting. It is also a great help in communication as communicating with anyone today has never been so fast, convenient, and easy. Moreover, social media is and should be used properly and responsibly. But this is not the case. How many times have we seen on the news that social media has been used for illegal dealings, even prostitution?

Just like this man from Massachusetts who used Snapchat as his venue to sell drugs. This is very dangerous because not all social media use is being monitored. For parents with young children, not all the time that they know what their children are doing which can put them at risk. Drugs are very rampant today and there should be a stop to it. Aside from addiction treatment centers, there should also be stricter rules and regulations in the government.


A 20-year-old Massachusetts man is accused of dealing drugs over Snapchat.

Detectives say Akiva Or-Shahar of Andover sold LSD and ecstasy to two teenagers, who ended up in the hospital.

According to court documents, the mother of one of the teens who bought the drugs told police the Snapchat handle the alleged dealer was using.

Police then snapped Or-Shahar and set up a deal on a neighborhood street in Tewksbury.

When they took him into custody, they allegedly found 67 tabs of LSD in his car and 29 grams of ecstasy.

The teens who allegedly bought the drugs from the Snapchat dealer are both 16. They went to the hospital after ingesting the LSD.

The mother of the teen who tipped off police says both boys are out of the hospital…

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