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It’s very saddening whenever there’s a news about a person who committed something bad just to fuel his or her drug addiction. What is worse is when it comes to their loved ones- that the addicted person can hurt them just for the sake of drugs. This simply shows that with drugs, everything becomes possible, even all the bad things to happen. Everyday, we see banks getting robbed, things got stolen, establishments get attacked, and so many more and in all of these, drugs always have something to do with it.

Imagine a man who robbed his elderly grandmother just to fuel his drug addiction, forcing the old woman to give him money. Things like this should be prevented and innocent people should be protected. With the help of addiction treatment centers, people like this man can get help so he wouldn’t be doing the same thing again to his family members or anyone around him.

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A man from Kanawha County is behind bars accused of robbing his elderly grandmother to fuel his drug addiction.

Police arrested Cole Cooper Monday near the Sunoco on First Avenue in Nitro.

Police said Cooper forced his grandmother to drive him to the gas station so she could cash a check for him. When she refused to get him the money, officers said he turned aggressive and violent.

Store clerks helped the grandmother and called police.

Cooper is charged with robbery.

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