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In most cases, we have the notion that law enforcers have one goal in mind when it comes to drug addicts- to put them behind bars. Well, we can’t really blame them, given the rise of people who use drugs, from younger ones, older people, men, to women. It seems like anyone can just use drugs and be addicted to it. The problem has been so serious as years passed by. However, it’s a good thing to know that not all law enforcers have the same goal in mind.

There are some like Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith who helps people with their addiction. For him, as soon as addicts get the help they need, crime will go down. What he does is help addicts to come clean. Along with addiction treatment programs, such an initiative will be a big help not only in reducing the numbers of addicts but in saving more lives ahead.

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – “I spent 15 years in a marriage and just doing drugs in secret and I couldn’t do it anymore,” said 38-year-old Renee Weisz, who was hooked on methamphetamines for 20 years.

“It took me real quick… like, that drug snatches you up,” said Weisz.

After deciding she wanted to quit, Weisz’s sister put her in touch with Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith.

Sheriff Smith says he realizes if addicts get the help they need, crime will go down, so he’s offering to help anyone come clean.

“I knew about A.J.’s program, come to him, he had an open door policy,” said Weisz’s sister, Catherine Coulter.

Sheriff Smith is trying to change the perception that law enforcement only wants to put drug abusers behind bars. He wants people to know they want to help.

“Hey, if you have a problem come to the door and we’ll do our best to try to help you but you gotta want to change and you gotta want to do it,” said Sheriff Smith.

And Weisz wanted to put her problems behind her.

“When you wanna change, there’s something inside you and all I can say is it has to be that piece of God that’s in all of us,” said Weisz.

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