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Recovering from drug addiction can be very challenging. In fact, many people are not able to get out of it and this can be due to a lot of factors. For one, the lack of support from others- friends and family members can greatly contribute to it. For others, they are not able to do it because they do not have enough will and determination to do so.

Here is a group called as Recover Out Loud, an addiction recovery group that is based in Greensburg that strives for sobriety in its members by developing self-confidence and positive relationships. With this, the journey to get out of addiction becomes a lot easier as you have people who understands your situation beside you to give support.

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Addiction destroys lives and relationships. Recover Out Loud co-founders John Cunningham and Jason Fry, who are best friends, know from experience.

“Our relationship was toxic. Today, our relationship is as healthy as it has ever been,” Cunningham said. “We are about making connections and relationships. You can’t do this on your own.”

Cunningham has been sober for seven years and Fry has been sober for four. The two believe their group, which they formed about 10 months ago, is a valuable means to help others live a sober life.

They are not alone. The City of Greensburg has embraced the group as an exceptional way to combat addiction in the community.

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