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Drug addiction, specifically prescription drug addiction has been destroying so many lives. Also, more and more people are starting to open about their addiction. Not everyone can do this but for those who do so, they serve as an inspiration to others that it is never to late to get sober. Just like Lena Dunham who has opened about her prescription drug addiction and her newfound sobriety.

The actor was named Woman of the Year by Friendly House, an addiction treatment facility for women in Los Angeles. “I didn’t think that I was a drug addict,” Dunham, who has previously said she used to misuse prescription medication, said while accepting the honor at a luncheon this weekend, according to Variety.

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Speaking in more detail about her former struggle around drugs, she added that “pills that I thought dulled my pain actually created it”. Dunham, who has been sober for 18 months, first disclosed her history of drug abuse last year in a podcast with Dax Shepard.

During this weekend’s event, Dunham explained how media portrayals had skewed her perception of what addiction can look like.

“I didn’t think that I was a drug addict,” she said, deadpanning: “I thought drug addicts were depraved lunatics who wandered the streets, demanding crack from innocent children and flaunting their open wounds in public parks.

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