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To spare someone from drug addiction may not be so easy. This is because one has already left himself be controlled by this substance. Unless the person is willing to seek help with rehab services, then there will hope. But if not, drugs can destroy anyone- no matter who you and what status you have in your life. This does not spare even the most popular people we know.

Take the board chairman in Lake County as an example. He seems to have everything to have a comfortable life. However, he chose drugs at some point. And now, it has affected his political career and may change his life in so many ways possible. If you want to save your future, there’s one effective way to do it- don’t do drugs.

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When Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor announced this week he would be taking a 30-day leave for treatment of an addiction to an undisclosed drug, the Republican never mentioned whether he would continue to run for re-election to his County Board District 18 seat in the Nov. 6 general election.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, a Lawlor political fundraising committee was dissolved by the state Board of Elections for failure to take required actions.

Attempts to get a definitive answer on the County Board chairman’s political future from Lake Republicans and others were unsuccessful.

Lawlor’s Democratic opponent, Julie Simpson, said on Tuesday that she had not heard anything to suggest Lawlor was no longer running.

“I’m glad he is getting help, and I hope he gets better,” she said.

As for her campaign, she said, “I’m focusing on getting my message out about property tax relief.”

Lawlor announced Monday he has entered rehab for an unspecified drug addiction at a Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Treatment Center. Jennie Vana, spokesman for the County Board, said Lawlor started the rehabilitation program on July 9 and has since attended a County Board meeting and the grand opening of the new Lake County Courthouse.

Hazelden Betty Ford has a facility in Chicago, but whether Lawlor was being treated there or at another location was not disclosed. Vanna said he is due to return from leave on Aug. 30…

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