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It’s good to see people trying their best to quit drugs and getting all the help they can to recover from drug addiction. As we all know, drug addiction has become more serious in today’s time than before, given the increase in the number of users worldwide. Drugs are also one of the main factors for the many crimes happening today. But will all the initiatives from the government, private sectors, and other agencies, this problem will definitely be solved sooner or later.

In Utah, the Beechtree Diagnostics has partnered with 10, 000 Beds organization to provide free diagnostic testing for those who are recovering from addiction. This is a big help to lessen the number of drug addicts while increasing the numbers of those who will be willing to seek help and start a new and better life.

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The lab is the only in Utah of it’s kind; they were one of the first to test for the drug Fentanyl and are the only to be currently testing for the drug Pink which recently killed two Park City teens.

President of Beechtree Diagnostics Mike Murano said, “Beechtree diagnostics made a commitment to do the diagnostic testing for all 10,000 patients so that the cost doesn’t get laid at the treatment center who is giving their services for free or the patient who would be stuck with a bill afterward.”

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