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We have heard of drug addicts hurting others because of their addiction or stealing some money to buy drugs. But it can get worse. The effects of drugs are so dangerous not just in terms of destroying the body and health, but worse is, it can kill a person. It can kill the user or the user can kill another person of drug effect. This what happened to a barrister who had a murder conviction because of drugs.

drug useA Victorian barrister is positive about his client’s rehabilitation prospects, because if a murder conviction isn’t enough to make a person realize the effect drugs have on his life, then nothing is. Lawrence Michael Duca was convicted by a Supreme Court jury in March of murdering The Phuong Vuong in the furtherance of a violent crime – shooting the dressmaker twice before robbing his home in June 2017.

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Prosecutors have argued Duca’s drug history is an aggravating circumstance to the murder.

Duca and another man robbed Mr Vuong in his Deer Park home, arriving with a 12-gauge shotgun and a plan to steal valuables.

Mr Vuong, a sewing machinist who also ran a massage service, was in charge of a money pot known as a “hui” collected from his local Vietnamese community and distributed monthly.

He tried to fend off his attackers and was fatally shot in a struggle at his front door.

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