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The very first physical step in treating an addiction is frequently detoxing. Throughout the entire cleansing procedure, you will be experiencing withdrawal signs. In some cases, detoxing can be fatal when done incorrectly. UnitedHealth Group uses substance abuse programs through its OptumHealth company.

Does UnitedHealth Group Cover Rehab?

A rehab program is the next step in the recovery procedure. This focuses on:

  • Identifying the core reasons for your alcohol or substance abuse
  • Resolving the core problems that are triggering the problem
  • Teach methods to handle things without drugs or alcohol
  • Allow patients to talk about problems and situations with others

Your insurance provider might cover a part of the cost of a rehabilitation program, if not all of it. Nevertheless, there are typical conditions on the length of the program that it will cover. UnitedHealth Group uses this service through its OptumHealth company.

What the UnitedHealth Group Will Cover

UnitedHealth will provide patients the required time to give them the very best opportunity at long-term sobriety. Before starting a program, a client will have a discreet and private conversation with a counselor at the center. The therapist will look at the individual’s history, dependency situation and abuse history to determine the duration that will give the patient the best opportunity at recovery. Typically, the longer the length of the treatment program, the much better the that the specific stays sober.

Specialty Alcohol and Drug Treatment Through UnitedHealth Group

Some individuals might not feel comfortable at a standard rehab center or may have existing organisation duties that avoid them from totally committing to a program. For the former, there are high-end treatment centers that use the best in amenities and treatment alternatives. Clients will get luxury lodgings such as aromatherapy and leading treatment techniques. For the latter, there are executive treatment centers. These centers enable clients to concentrate on their treatment along with their organisation commitments. Clients can keep in contact with customers and keep up with their work while going through the program.

Insurance for Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient

UnitedHealth aims for its customers to have the best opportunity at recovery. Depending upon the circumstance, you might decide to enter an outpatient program. However, many people will still have the best chance at healing with an inpatient program. The greatest advantage of an outpatient program is the flexibility to leave after the required treatment for the day is done. It doesn’t use property real estate for clients like an inpatient center does. For many individuals, living at the treatment center gives them greater odds at healing. They have access to 24-hour care and get to spend most of the day focusing on treatment and healing.

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