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Kaiser Foundation Group

Kaiser Foundation is a managed care consortium that was founded in 1945. It does not run in all of the states, however it is the largest not-for-profit handled care organization in the United States. It includes 3 companies:

  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
  • Kaiser Structure Hospitals
  • Permanente Medical Groups

Kaiser uses both individual and family insurance plans, all which use some sort of protection for drug abuse treatment.

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Does Kaiser Cover Rehabilitation?

All Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans cover some part of rehabilitation. The Affordable Care Act makes sure that private insurance plans cover substance abuse treatment to the same degree that they cover other medical concerns, so you can anticipate primarily comparable levels of protection for both.

This suggests that if your insurance coverage plan covers 80% of your medical costs, it will pay 80% of your rehab costs. You will be anticipated to pay the remaining 20% out-of-pocket.

Kaiser insurance coverage will differ by each policy’s specific offerings. In general, they will cover all drug abuse screening and evaluation costs and part of the official treatment program expenses– outpatient, extensive outpatient, and inpatient services.

Constantly inspect to make sure the program that you are thinking about accepts your Kaiser Permanente insurance coverage plan to reap the complete insurance coverage benefit.

Specialized Alcohol and Drug Treatment Through Kaiser

Treatment centers with a focus on convenience and amenities tend to cost more than basic rehab services. These facilities, known as high-end or executive rehab programs, included a greater price due to the facility upkeep expenses and facilities offered.

What do Kaiser Covers?

Since your Kaiser insurance strategy will cover a certain portion of rehab costs despite program, picking a higher-cost center will primarily affect your out-of-pocket costs.

For instance, if your policy needs that you cover 20% of treatment costs, 20% of a $5,000 program will end up costing you less than 20% of a $40,000 program.

This cost differential is an essential element to think about when taking a look at treatment programs- you wish to guarantee that your part of treatment costs deals with your monetary requirements.

Does it Cover Non-Local Rehab?

Kaiser operates in 9 states since 2015:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • The District of Columbia

These are the Kaiser Foundation Group areas and your insurance coverage plan will cover treatment within these area networks.

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