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HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation), America’s biggest customer-owned medical insurance business, offers a broad variety of coverage plans through Blue Cross and Blue Guard. Because HCSC does not have shareholders, it has the ability to keep the cost of insurance coverage down for patients.

HCSC takes addiction treatment seriously, however. Drug abuse is considered by insurer to be a chronic medical illness, so it is generally covered to some extent under a lot of insurance coverage programs– HCSC included.

Due to the fact that each HCSC insurance coverage strategy is special, coverage for alcohol and drug detox and rehabilitation varies. Depending on your strategy, you might have the ability to get a big part of both inpatient and outpatient rehab costs covered by your insurance. Some strategies offer complete coverage, and most plans offer a minimum of partial protection for detox and rehab services.

Does HCSC Cover Detox Services?

Detox is typically the first step of the treatment procedure. Detox is the body’s process of ridding itself of poisonous substances and can produce lots of painful withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult for people to avoid regression. The withdrawal duration can last for days as well as weeks for some compounds.

Under medically helped detox, your medical professional might offer you with medication and other medical supports to help relieve your withdrawal symptoms.

Detox services are normally covered under the Drug abuse Disorder section of the Essential Health Benefits coverage on most HCSC strategies. Depending upon your specific plan, you may have to satisfy a deductible or pay a copay before your insurance supplies coverage.

Many strategies provide coinsurance, indicating that HCSC will cover a particular portion of the expense– then you will be responsible for the rest. There might be a limit to the number of times cleansing services are covered, so constantly double check your advantage protection, specifically if you have received detox treatment in the past.

Does HCSC Cover Rehabilitation?

Lady in group therapy rehabilitation services are also typically covered under the Necessary Health Benefits supplied by HCSC. Individual coverage will differ depending upon the strategy, however a lot of plans will provide some protection for both inpatient and outpatient rehab options. It prevails for HCSC to require patients to undergo outpatient treatment, however with medical paperwork it is frequently possible to receive coverage for inpatient treatment also.

Many people will be covered for their first time undergoing treatment. However, coverage for rehab services may be more difficult to obtain if you have previously participated in a treatment program. It is important to thoroughly evaluate your protection package with HCSC and talk with your company about payment before beginning treatment.

Dependency Treatment that HCSC Will Cover

Inpatient treatment programs for addiction can vary in length. The most common rehabilitation services are 30, 60 and 90 days long. Some treatment programs last a year or longer depending upon the intensity of the dependency.

Insurance coverage will vary depending on your specific strategy. The most common length of treatment covered is 30 days. Under some plans you may have limited protection for longer programs, particularly if you have actually been formerly treated for dependency. To find out more, examine the Summary of Advantages noted for your private plan.

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