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Blue Cross Blue Shield: What Type of Addiction Coverage Do They Have For Drugs & Alcohol??

What Type of Addiction Coverage Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Have For Drugs & Alcohol Treatment?


Substance abuse and behavioral conditions are often tangled together into a meshed issue.  It can drain the life and livelihood out of anyone. If left unattended, it can turn into a frightening and inescapable downward spiral. Insurance companies have addressed these issues and offered their assistance. One such company is Anthem’s Blue Cross.

What is Blue Cross?

Blue Cross cover inpatient and outpatient assistance for a variety of behavioral conditions, substance abuse, and dependence. Anthem is established across all fifty states. Available plans will vary depending on which state you’re in.

How Do I Start Getting Treatment?

Your doctor will help you determine if you’ll benefit more from inpatient or outpatient care. If you’re looking for an affiliated practitioner, RehabNear.Me offers a provider directory to give you the closest locations to cater to your healthcare needs. You can call 855 339 1112 to speak to someone and see what type of coverage your plan offers.

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Once you have your doctor’s advice, you can contact Anthem’s care managers to get comprehensive information on what your plan will cover. The length of your rehabilitation will depend on various factors. These include the type of substance, the severity of abuse, the patient’s health, legal issues and its effects on your school, work and family. The common lengths are 30-90 days but can be longer.

Blue Cross Approved Rehabilitation Programs

Depending on your insurance policy, Anthem will provide programs that would best cater to your needs. The outpatient services are as follows:

● Outpatient Detox with optional monitoring
● Outpatient, office-based care with medication assisted treatment
● Outpatient addiction treatment
● Intensive structured Outpatient Program

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient care will often get in the way of work and education. But, it will provide patients all the skills and care they need to immediately tackle their daily challenges. Having support from your loved ones and securing good transportation is key to having the best results in outpatient programs.. Giving encouragement and confidence to help patients commit their attendance is also recommended.

Inpatient Treatment

For conditions that require inpatient care, Anthem offers the following:

● Partial Hospitalization Program
● Inpatient care for detox
● Residential treatment for addiction
● Residential Treatment Center stay

Inpatient rehab length is dependent on a patient’s progress. Usually, after a successful inpatient program, it’s best to opt for an outpatient program to help patients transition back to their normal lives.

Fighting the problem is a hard enough battle. So depending on your plan, you may avail one of the luxury facilities and centers that provide the following:

● General Spa Services such as massage and acupuncture.
● Top of the line gym equipment
● Gourmet food prepared by qualified chefs
● Private rooms or suites.

BCBS Insurance: What Costs Will They Cover For Detox & Rehab?

Anthem will shoulder the costs depending on your plan. Your care manager will provide the exact digits. But the following is an average of what the patient and Anthem will cover.

● Bronze, which covers 60% of healthcare costs and the member will shoulder 40%
● Silver, which covers 70% of healthcare costs and the member will shoulder 30%
● Gold, which covers 80% of healthcare costs and the member will shoulder 20%

It’s important for everyone to practice and commit to a healthy lifestyle free of substances that could potentially ensnare us. For those already trapped, we must provide them the support and love they need to get through their treatment and rehabilitation.

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