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AmeriHealth Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

What Does AmeriHealth Insurance Cover For Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Addiction is real, and on the rise in America. Addiction can strike people of all ages, and demographics.  Drugs and alcohol are often used as a coping mechanism or something to help people function in an already difficult world. When the addiction becomes too great and they want out, they will often ask, “Will my health care insurance pay for my rehab?”

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AmeriHealth And ACA

Luckily, members of AmeriHealth have plans that cover drug and alcohol rehab. After ACA, or Affordable Care Act, insurance companies have made it so that receiving help doesn’t mean you have to struggle to pay for it afterward.

AmeriHealth’s aim is to provide innovative wellness solutions on a national scale. Each state has various, differing plans. Thus, it’s important for members to consult their manuals. They should also contact AmeriHealth to know how well you’re covered based on your policy. It’s worth noting that some plans only cover the detox process. They do not cover the residential fees if you opt for inpatient care.

Rehabilitation Coverage

In general, AmeriHealth will cover the following treatments. Although, some exceptions have a copay.

Substance Abuse Programs such as:

Detoxification: Covered 100% with pre-authorization
Inpatient Rehabilitation: Covered 100% with pre-authorization
Outpatient Rehabilitation: $5 Copay

Substance Dependency Programs such as:

Rehabilitation: Covered 100% with preauthorization
Detoxification: Covered 100% with pre-authorization
Outpatient: $5 Copay

For substance dependency programs, members only have to pay at most $650 per year. Once you have exceeded the co-payment, you can contact AmeriHealth and provide receipts to confirm.

AmeriHealth, though, will not cover the following rehab related services.

Non-medical, rehabilitative services for the treatment of substance abuse in an acute care hospital
Personal comfort items and extra expenses made outside of the rehab program.
Alternative therapies, such as holistic therapy for rehabilitation.

AmeriHealth also covers the entire duration, (If your plan covers it) and will usually cover thirty to ninety days. Their plans are divided into tiers: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Catastrophic. These tiers will decide the overall coverage of rehab.

Outpatient Care and Inpatient Care With AmeriHealth Plans

Inpatient and Outpatient care relies on the patient’s and specialist’s recommendations. Outpatient care is best for patients who want to still live their normal lives. They usually have therapy to deal with their ongoing problems. These programs usually last for one to two months with meetings three to five time a week.

Inpatient care is more suited for people whose addictions are already hindering their lives and require constant monitoring. Inpatient care lasts a minimum of 28 days to as long as 90 days. Addiction specialists often recommend outpatient care to patients who’ve finished their program.

Addiction healthcare is financially within reach. Companies also go to lengths to make it so that treatment and help are easy to go through. Finding Rehab centers allows you to get through your detox and rehab with a higher success rate than “going it alone”. AmeriHealth is there to make sure that after you’ve recovered, you won’t trouble yourself (too much) with the costs and allow you to live a healthy and sober lifestyle.

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