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So many people today are getting addicted to prescription drugs and this is definitely not a good thing. Although there are a lot who wants to quit, the process may not be so easy and there will be struggles along the way. But it does not mean that it’s not possible to get out of it. Aside from addiction treatment centers, there are so many more ways for one to successfully quit drugs.

If you are struggling with prescription drug addiction then you may be wondering how you can ever escape from the cycle that you are caught in. Every time that you try to walk away from the pills you go through terrible withdrawals that drive you crazy, to the point that you are driven to seek out more medication in order to get rid of the terrible withdrawal symptoms.

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Eventually, you go overboard and take more than you want, lose control, or suffer heavy consequences due to your using. At that point you feel shame, remorse, and regret, so the cycle starts all over again as you attempt to ditch the pills again. You are trapped in a cycle and you do not know how to break free from it.

Nearly everyone in today’s culture is aware of inpatient drug rehab, the kind that lasts for 28 days typically. We all know about such places and we all have an idea of what such an experience means to us.

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