Causes of Addiction: How Does it Start?




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Even in this modern day and age, people still argue over the actual causes of addiction: whether it’s a choice or a disease. While personal decisions factor in at first, drug users tend to lose control over their actions before addiction completely sets in.

However, we can say that addiction is both a personal responsibility, and a biological inevitability—the latter applies to certain people at least. The question of what causes addiction is therefore more complicated than a person’s set of political beliefs.

Addiction is still not fully understood, despite how common this problem is. And so on this article we will discuss some of its causes.

What Makes Someone Susceptible to Addiction?

Causes of AddictionBelieve it or not, some people are more likely to get addicted than others. But what makes others more susceptible to the effects of drug use?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA, a person’s biology, their environment, and their development are said to affect their risk level when it comes to addiction. A combination of these factors can make a person more susceptible to the effects of addiction.

So what do we mean by “a person’s biology”? This refers to the genetic factors, and other physical factors that affect the way a person’s body processes certain substances. These attributes include age, gender, ethnicity, fitness, and health condition. Some people are simply more likely to get addicted to drugs.

Of course, their environment and upbringing will still factor in. They can’t get addicted if they don’t take drugs in the first place—even if they have that genetic predisposition.

But if you have a parent who’s struggling or struggled with addiction, you are four times more likely to get addicted yourself. A person’s beliefs, upbringing, and experiences will shape their attitude towards drugs.

A combination of these factors may push an individual to try drugs. At the very least, these factors can make them more likely to get addicted once they do take drugs recreationally.

Possible Causes of Substance Abuse

For starters, an unstable childhood and/or adolescence can create a chaotic, unstable, or abusive environment, which could affect their decisions later in life in an attempt to cope. Or sometimes, it’s just because of peer pressure—this still counts under the environmental factor after all.

If your friends are telling you to try certain substances, you might just give in. And even the simplest drugs could serve as gateway drugs which would lead a person to try other addictive substances simply because it makes them feel good.

Other environmental factors that can cause addiction are found in the workplace. Stress and pressure can make a person more likely to try drugs in an attempt to escape. This also applies to students who are struggling in school.

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We’re not yet counting the effects of the drugs themselves. You are more likely to get addicted to a drug if you take larger doses—and yes; this applies to prescription drugs as well. If you don’t take your painkillers properly, you might just get hooked on them. Most opioids and opiates are habit-forming.

You are also more likely to get addicted if you take drugs repeatedly, or more often than you’re supposed to.

No matter what caused the addiction, it is important to acknowledge the problem and fix it. It’s possible to get sober again; it just needs to be done right. A combination of medical detox and behavioral therapy can treat the patient safely over time.

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