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Getting addicted to drugs is easy. Getting out of it is what makes it difficult. In most cases, those who have let themselves be addicted to it may seem hopeless. But just like with anything else, there is always hope for everyone. This can be possible with the help of addiction treatment centers. What one needs to do is just to take courage and seek help.

homeless manHere is a homeless man who was once addicted to drugs but is having an awesome transformation after seeking shelter for a month. Mark, 43, sought help in Liverpool’s Cotton Street refuge for around four weeks. Determined to stay alive, he has since begun his journey to overcome substance abuse. Even though he has only lived in the facility for a short amount of time, the change in his appearance is dramatic. Impressively, Mark has managed to reduce his drug use down by 90%.

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Living in a shelter has also given Mark a sense of security.

He added: “I feel safe here.

“I’m happy here because I feel like there are opportunities in front of me.

“Opportunities to get my life back to normal and not wake up of a morning wondering who I am going to score off.

“I want to wake up and think I’ve got to get to work.”

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