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Of all people who are supposed to understand how dangerous drugs can be, it would be those who are working in the medical industry such as nurses. These professionals are expected to care for their patients. They are also the ones who understand what their patients are going through and provide them with all the help they need. But as much as we think of them as the good people, there are times when they would just fail us.

Take this nurse from Hernando County as an example. Instead of taking care of the patients, she was stealing drugs from the hospital. Now, the facility is doing everything they can to ensure that the safety of the residents and patients are not compromised. This situation should really be given enough attention as those stolen drugs could be destroying a lot of future and are perhaps contributing to the numbers of drug addicts. When this happens, rehab services will be needed to help these people save themselves live a clean life.

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A Hernando County nurse is being charged with taking drugs from the rehab facility where she worked.

Ashley Taylor, 33, is charged with posession of a controlled substance (12 counts), grand theft of a controlled substance, scheme to defraud to obtain prescriptions and obtaining a prescription by fraud.

She worked at the Spring Hill Health and Rehab Center.

Administrators at the facility noticed inconsistencies and reported them.

“The facility is doing everything to ensure resident and patient safety is a top priority,” Jennifer Trapp, a spokeswoman for the rehab center said in a statement. 

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said when detectives interviewed Taylor she admitted to taking drugs like Percocet, Morphine and Codeine.

“If a patient would need, say, two Percocet, she would check out four Percocet from the medication cart, pocket two and then give the patient the two that he or she was prescribed,” said Denise Moloney, Hernando County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer.

Taylor said she ordered extra medication from the pharmacy so none of her patients went without their prescriptions.

She said she’s been battling a drug addiction for years since suffering an injury.

When detectives searched her home, they said they found more than 300 empty blister packs, which at one time contained more than 10,000 tablets of the various medications she took…

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