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It often starts with one drink, then another one and then one after the other. In most cases, alcohol is seen as something that is a staple in parties and different events. For others, it is one way to socialize with others. But as soon as one consumes more than what is enough, addiction starts to kick in followed by different kinds of problem. Not all alcoholics may have the courage to admit their addiction.

But Tom Kerridge, a Gluocester chef confessed about his alcohol addiction. In the interview with host Lauren Laverne he admitted there were times when he would have a pint of a negroni cocktail to start his night. At the time alcohol had “got a grip”, he said, and added: “I have completely destroyed alcohol for myself”. “I was drinking huge amounts, never during the day, always after service but it was always colossal amound and probably still I’m dependant on alcohol I can’t touch it,” he said.

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The point when he knew he had a problem was when he was working in different parts of the country hoping the bar would still be open by the end of his shift.

“You know you’ve gone beyond [a problem] when you drive around and in the boot of your car is a case of beer and a bottle full of gin, just in case you’re working somewhere that night and the bar is closed by the time you get there.” The amount he was drinking, he said, he could drink most people under the table.

“I would order a pint of negroni [a cocktail with gin, campari and vermouth] and that would be the start of it,” he said.

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