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Drug addiction is a serious problem and those who are addicted to drugs need immediate help. Aside from addiction treatment centers, there are a lot more ways on how to recover from addiction. The only thing that drug addicts need to realize is the fact that there are ways and help is always available for them. Now, it’ possible to get clean with the help of WA’s fresh start recovery program.

He was addicted to ice, he had lost his job and his driver’s license, and, worst of all, authorities had deemed him unfit to parent his daughter. After a 21-day bender, his sister convinced an incoherent Mr. Tarrant-Banks to enroll in a drug rehabilitation program on the other side of the country.

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He does not remember the flight from Melbourne and was unaware of what city he was in when he arrived. After sobering up in the regional WA township of Northam, he despaired and doubted that he’d last a week in his rehabilitation program. Today, Mr. Tarrant-Banks is clean and working full time as a chef and is soon to be reunited with his daughter. The key to recovery, he said, was not only detox and counseling, but work — first as a volunteer, and later as a paid chef.

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