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In everything, there is always hope. Even in times that we think we can’t do it anymore or no one is there to help us get through a situation, there will always be hope. Take the case of drug addiction in which this seems hopeless. It has been an ongoing problem for a very long time now and most if not all, the country faces this problem at varying degree. But the good thing is, those who are addicted to drugs can get out of it and start a new life.

Just like with Steven Lancione who was once a mobster yet he was able to overcome his addiction through the help of meditation. It is very important for drug users to realize that there will always be a way out. Meditation is one of them and another one is through addiction treatment centers that can provide them with a tailored treatment considering their individual needs.

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Steven Lancione, 61, speaks passion and sincerity. To look at him, you would never suspect he once had a secret life working for the mob and a drug addiction that controlled him for decades.

Born to a hard-partying mother and absentee father, Lancione grew up lonely and neglected. Left largely to his own devices, by age 15 he discovered drugs. It was that same year that his mother started using him as a drug mule.

He started off smoking marijuana and then graduated to mescaline and LSD. In his 20s, his drug of choice was cocaine. By the time he reached his 30s, he had moved on to opioids and heroin.

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